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    Men say they know many things;
    But lo! they have taken wings—
    The arts and sciences,
    And a thousand appliances;
    The wind that blows
    Is all that any body knows.

    ~ Henry David Thoreau

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The First Children’s Poet Laureate

Posted by Matthew on March 5, 2007

Has been annointed (last year, I know I’m late) by the Poetry Foundation:

The Poetry Foundation inaugurated Jack Prelutsky as the nation’s first “Children’s Poet Laureate” on September 27 at the Pegasus Awards ceremony in Chicago. The award is given to a living poet for a career devoted to the writing of some of the best poetry for the young. The award is also intended to raise awareness among poetry readers and the public that children are naturally receptive to poetry when written especially for them, and that this often is the beginning of a lifelong love of poetry.

This is a fantastic idea, simply fantastic. I only wish Shel Silverstein had been able to hold the position first (though if you ask me, he did, if unofficially). Indeed, I think a Silverstein poem may be in order for tomorrow.

In other news, the following link will direct you to an interesting piece on the distinction between poetry and verse, written by the president of the Poetry Foundation, John Barr:

The president of the Poetry Foundation weighs in on 2Pac Shakur, “The Cremation of Sam McGee,” and “Jabberwocky.”

Poem: If Not for the Cat, by Jack Prelutsky
Thoreau: March 5, 1841


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