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    Men say they know many things;
    But lo! they have taken wings—
    The arts and sciences,
    And a thousand appliances;
    The wind that blows
    Is all that any body knows.

    ~ Henry David Thoreau

    (in context)

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This Rhymeless Nation

Posted by Matthew on May 2, 2007

I know I’m all about The Poetry Foundation’s goal of spreading the poetry-love, but this is awesome. (via Poetry Hut Blog)


4 Responses to “This Rhymeless Nation”

  1. Lang Plattes said

    And awesomely true I’m told. Why hasn’t the press given this more play?

  2. Matthew said

    I’m guessing because people prefer to read stories about massive donations to good organizations than stories about said organizations complaining & generally being unnecessarily fussy about said massive donations.

    As the saying goes, “The truth hurts.” The second half of that saying should be “which is why it remains in hiding much of the time.”

  3. Lang Plattes said

    The truth may hurt, but the truth is far more interesting.

    In this case it appears the massive donation (negotiated with Poetry’s lawyers) was not Ruth’s act, but that of her bank as conservator (that is, the party they sued for $100,000,00). I don’t think she’s even aware of the gift.

  4. Matthew said

    You are correct on all counts. And yes, the truth is infinitely more interesting than the alternatives, I agree.

    But still, the ridiculousness of it all hurts my brain.

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