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    Men say they know many things;
    But lo! they have taken wings—
    The arts and sciences,
    And a thousand appliances;
    The wind that blows
    Is all that any body knows.

    ~ Henry David Thoreau

    (in context)

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The Same, Only Different

Posted by Matthew on May 21, 2007

As you can see, the title of this blog has been altered, ever-so-slightly. The change has been a while in coming, and I think it works. I’ve never really gotten myself up to a steady daily pace, so the ambiguity of the title, coupled with its hopefully apparent desire to still strive for daily posting, is apt.

Anyway, a busy weekend behind me, I’m several hundred items in the hole, as far as Google Reader is concerned. I hope to catch up by the end of this week. Or next.

For now, and I know this isn’t strictly poetry, but this post contains links to wonderful resources for writers. Do yourself a favor and dig around.

Poem: A Dent in a Bucket, by Gary Snyder
Thoreau: May 21, 1853


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