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    Men say they know many things;
    But lo! they have taken wings—
    The arts and sciences,
    And a thousand appliances;
    The wind that blows
    Is all that any body knows.

    ~ Henry David Thoreau

    (in context)

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I Just Don’t

Posted by Matthew on May 24, 2007

I’m having a recurring thought today: I don’t know where to find good poetry on the internet anymore. Is that fair? Honestly, I don’t know if I ever did. And I mean good poetry by different poetry, not just one or a few poets who write consistently good poetry.

In light of that thought, and the odd mood I’m in today, today’s poem was written by me, and subsequently is not actually very good. Amusing, perhaps, but not good. Still, there it is.

If you’ve got any leads on good poetry, let ’em fly. I’m always on the lookout, but sometimes the search is tiresome.

Poem: A Very Short Poem (Treated Spam), by me.

Meet Black People
This is an advertisement
This is an advertisement.

Thoreau: May 24, 1853


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